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Welcome to the Nonprofit Executive Club podcast.  This podcast is for growth-minded executives who are looking to take their nonprofits to the next level through strategic planning and fundraising.  Meet your hosts:

Joel Kessel has spent the last 25 years in communications and public relations.  He focuses on helping nonprofits get their message out into the world by casting a strong vision and creating a powerful strategy. 

Mary Valloni has raised millions of dollars through her work as the development director for the American Cancer Society, the ALS Association and Special Olympics.  Now she teaches and trains organizations around the world on how to raise more funds and have more freedom.

Currently, there are more than 568,000 nonprofits that are raising less than one million dollars.  The reason why these nonprofits are not taking their fundraising to the next level is because they are lacking a strategic plan.  You cannot raise money without a strategy and a clear vision.  Only 49% of nonprofits have a strategic plan.

What you can expect from this weekly show:

  • 30 minutes
  • Joel’s STRATEGY Steps to create a successful strategic plan
  • Mary’s FREEDOM guide to fundraising
  • Q&A Sessions

We know being a nonprofit executive is a lonely job and we want you to know that you are not alone as you work toward your mission.  If you like the content of the podcast, as well as the work we do, we invite you to join the Nonprofit Executive Club.  The Executive Club is a monthly training program that gives you the ability to increase your impact through strategic planning and fundraising support.  For more information and to join the Club, go to nonprofitexecutiveclub.com.

To submit your questions, please email mary@maryvalloni.com or joel@kesselstrategies.com

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